Finalists 2021 edition

We are pleased to announce that these are the 25 short movies selected by our judges for the 2021 edition of CinemìCinemà International Short Film Festival.

Shorts Under 30

  • Accamòra by Emanuela Muzzupappa (Italy)
  • LUNA by Chiara Musso (Italy)
  • The Sea No Longer Stops Here by Pedro Augusto Almeida (Portugal)
  • A small story about great belief by Wessel van Wanrooij (Netherlands)
  • EGOIST by Luis Schubert (Germany)
  • Sunrise in My Mind by Danech San (Cambodia)
  • Sisterly Love by David Zinck (Denmark)
  • Montage is everything by Handren Hussein (Belgium)

Shorts Over 30

  • L’Italia Chiamò by Alessio Di Cosimo (Italy)
  • Super – Soup by Iacopo Fulgi and Valerio Maggi (France)
  • The Peephole (Lo Spioncino) by Tiziana Martinidi (Italia)
  • Kathleen Was Here by Eva Birthistle (Ireland)
  • Ready or not by Pascale MOMPEZ (France)
  • Big Touch by Christopher Tenzis (United States)
  • Birthday by Mohammad Hossein Ziksari (Iran)

Animation Under 30

  • MY TAGALONG by Jerry WANG (Canada)
  • This seen makes no cents by Natasha Redmond (United States)
  • Gravedad by Matisse Gonzalez (Germany)
  • It Was Only a Rock That Looked Like Someone by Matisse Gonzalez (Mexico)
  • The Rotation by Hazhir As’adi (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Animation Over 30

  • La Grande Onda by Francesco Tortorella (Italy)
  • RE-ANIMAL by Rubén Garcerá Soto (Spagna)
  • GOODNIGHT SPA by Emilio Gallego and Jesus Gallego (Spagna)
  • Volver A Saludar [GREETING AGAIN] by Jesús Lóniego (Spagna)
  • Tierra Finita [FINITE SOIL] by Isidro Jiménez Gómez and Mariola Olcina Alvarado (Spagna)