Finalist 2020

We are pleased to announce that these are the 18 short movies selected by our judges for the 2020 edition of CinemìCinemà International Short Film Festival.

Shorts Under 30

  • 100 METRI QUADRI by Giulia Di Battista (Italy)
  • Because the Night by Rafael Haider (Austria)
  • Birthday Party by Amir Salimkhani (Iran)
  • BRODO DI CARNE by Vittorio Antonacci (Italy)
  • Pia by Julia Wycisk (Italy)

Shorts Over 30

  • Azadeh by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad (Iran)
  • Driving Lessons by Marziyeh Riahi (Iran)
  • Fuera De Catálogo by Fabricio D’Alessandro (Spain)
  • Ironrite by Clayton Combe (USA)
  • La Bestia Humana by Javier Campo Lucio Cruces (Spain)
  • Tonino by Gaetano Del Mauro (Italy)
  • Under the lather by Jim Martín (France)

Animation Under 30

  • 2.3 x2.6 x 3.2 by Jiaqi Wang (China)
  • Hungry byi Yaou Chen (USA)
  • Warm Regards by Daniel Dinh (USA)

Animation Over 30

  • Ballad of pipe and necklace by Martin Babić (Croatia)
  • King of the House by Zige Zhang (USA)
  • Tobi and the Turbobus by Verena Fels (Germany)